Trash Monroe are:
Melany, Brad, Ken, Matt, Kai 

  A vibrant and violent collision of Rock, Punk, Alternative, Glam, Goth and New Wave gives Trash Monroe their original sound which they back up with their inimitable stage presence. The band swing for the fences every show and don't let up. 

A band born from the ideals to write, perform and create from the heart and to mean everything they do.

Trash Monroe embraces the wide variety of ideas that are forged within the collective and enjoys the creative freedoms of not sitting firmly within a specific genre.

To not fear finding a niche as others who lack conviction may do. 

Trash Monroe have released 

'Ornament', 'Batesian Mimicry', 'Shooting from the Lips and Other Crimes of Passion' and 'Addiction of Duplicities Parts 1 and 2',